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Stay Fit With These Apartment Workout Tips In Indianapolis

December 18, 2020

Apartment workout tips

One of the most sought-after apartment benefits is the fitness center. In this space you will typically have access to treadmills and stationary bikes, weight machines, and additional fitness gear to improve your health. If you’re looking for an impactful 60-minute session or a short walk, it's simple to stop in your local gym and complete your regimen. It’s even easier if your apartment community has a dedicated space that’s available from early in the morning to late at night.

However, there might be times when your schedule doesn’t allow for time at the fitness center. Luckily, if you’re not able to go, you’re still able to do your daily workout from the convenience of your home. Try these ideas for small space exercises and homemade equipment during your apartment workouts in Indianapolis.

Man doing cardio in an apartment living room.

Boost Your Heart Rate With Reduced Space Cardio Drills

A difficulty of working out in an apartment is the limited area. If you have an open room in your multi-bedroom apartment, you might have the ability to create a your own makeshift gym, but not all Indianapolis apartments have room for exercise equipment. Luckily, there are a variety of exercises that don’t need space or big workout machines to get your blood pumping.

To start your apartment workout, find an open area in your apartment where you don’t have to worry about knocking something over. You only need enough space to extend your arms and legs or stretch out on the floor without bumping something. Move tables and chairs over a few inches if you must.

When you’re situated, attempt some popular cardio-based exercises, like the following:

  • Jumping jacks

  • Squat jumps

  • Lateral shuffles

  • Skaters

  • Tuck jumps

  • Jogging in place

Complete these movements for required amount of time per day, and you will feel as good as you do on a treadmill. If you require a guide, use an online workout video or invest in an exercise-centered video game.

 Man doing crunches on the arm of a sofa.

Build Strength With Quiet Bodyweight Resistance Exercises

Noise creates another issue with apartment workouts in Indianapolis when only thin walls separate you from other people. If you reside directly above neighbors, they likely won’t enjoy listening to your 6 AM burpees.

Try bodyweight resistance exercises instead. These easy movements build muscle and joint strength which leads to improved mobility. And unlike your cardio workout, common bodyweight resistance drills don’t have you jumping up and down on the floor. Find an open space on the floor and attempt these quiet but effective exercises, such as:

  • Push-ups

  • Air Squats

  • Sit-ups

  • Wall Sits

  • Planks

  • Glute bridges

  • Straight-leg calf raises

  • Spider crawls

Get Flexible With Yoga And Do It From Anywhere

Many exercises like yoga and pilates are great ways to train in small spaces because you only have to find an area for a mat. This allows plenty of latitude for where you work out to improve your physical flexibility. Try these routines on your balcony or patio, in your family room, or beside your bed. You might be surprised that many yoga movements are easily done on your bed!

There’s an opportunity to improvise with yoga and pilates equipment too. If you lack space to keep extra items, try scarves for bands, food cans for weights, and firm cushions for yoga blocks.

Man using chairs as part of his workout.

Bring Some Versatility To Your Indianapolis Apartment Workouts With Homemade Equipment

Exercising can be a drag or even ineffective when you never alter your routine. Diversify your at-home training by incorporating weights. You don’t need a full set of weights or a standard bench. Just use what you have around your apartment, like:

  • Larger books like dictionaries

  • Water jugs

  • Packaged dog food

  • 12- or 24-packs of beverages

  • Bags of flour

  • A backpack filled with books or cans

  • A one-gallon milk container

When you can’t seem to get over the lack of gym equipment, turn to your own furniture. Sofas and dining chairs will supply a solid base for weight lifting and balance training. Using makeshift equipment for your Indianapolis apartment workouts may feel funny in the beginning, but don’t let that keep you from achieving your fitness goals. In a short time, you will construct an effective workout routine to do in your living area in the event the neighborhood health club is closed.

workout room with treadmills, weights, and other exercise machines.

Focus On Your Fitness At Block 20 In Indianapolis

When searching for the most suitable place for your physical fitness needs, schedule a tour at Block 20. We have units with plenty of square footage, the amenities you want, and a fitness facility that opens early in the morning to late at night. Our Leasing Specialists are here to assist you in finding the right apartment for you. Schedule your tour today by dialing 463-777-2762 or by clicking the button to request a tour.