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What Are The Advantages Of A Downtown Apartment In Indianapolis?

August 31, 2022
 Midtown Flats bird eye view of the building and sidewalks.

When looking for an apartment in Indianapolis, where you live is just as critical as the layout and design. If you appreciate the thrill and convenience of an urban lifestyle, residing downtown makes sense. You’ll cherish unique amenities and living close to attractions, vital shopping and professional services, and various job prospects when you have an apartment in downtown Indianapolis.

You’ll Get Some Unique Amenities In An Apartment In Downtown Indianapolis

Penrose on Mass balcony cityscape view on a sunny day. 

Countless downtown apartments are multi-level structures. Residing in a building with many stories provides several unique features. For one, the higher up your apartment, the more incredible your views of the cityscape. You also won’t have to climb the stairs because high or mid-rise apartment buildings have elevators. You might also find a heightened sense of community with your fellow residents because you all share the same structure and will run into each other in the common areas and on the elevator.

Your downtown apartment could also have perks you won’t find in the suburbs, like a porter or reception desk. Various downtown apartment options also feature stores or dining on the ground floor that you can enjoy without stepping outside.

You Can Always Find Plenty of Fun Activities

Birdeye view of Riverview apartments in downtown Indy. 
Downtown apartments are thrilling places to call home because there’s a range of entertainment. Within a short distance, you will find superb stores, cafes, theaters, concert halls, bars, clubs, libraries, green spaces, and many other attractions. Urban areas also host many special events like conventions, festivals, parades, markets, and street fairs.

While the majority of people must travel to participate in these events, they’ll be squarely in your neighborhood when you live in an apartment in downtown Indianapolis! You’ll get your pick of eateries to order from whenever you would rather not cook and can decide spur of the moment to catch a show during the week. Or gain inspiration from artistic and cultural events happening right down the street. You might even get more visitors as family or friends drop in as they go to enjoy downtown activities or invite you to give them a tour of your vibrant neighborhood.

Eliminate Drive Time And Gas Costs By Walking Everywhere

 Midtown Flats bird eye view of the building and sidewalks. 
Not only does downtown Indianapolis have much to experience, everything is in close proximity. Chances are you’ll live a walkable distance from countless shops, service providers, and meeting places when you opt for a downtown apartment. Not every individual is able to walk down the street to get a bite to eat, see a pharmacist, and shop for more pet food. You will cut your gas expenses and time by living downtown. Additionally, traveling by foot is better for the environment and your health.

Benefit From A Quicker Commute

Exterior of Waverly Apartments' residential parking with cars. 

On the topic of reducing gas costs, you may have a faster commute when you stay in a downtown apartment in Indianapolis. City centers feature a high concentration of employment opportunities because many companies establish offices in and around larger towns. In the event you currently have a job downtown, moving there shortens your commute. If there is a time when you have to get a new place of employment, chances are you are able to find one a short distance from your downtown apartment.

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