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What Are The Top Apartments For Graduate Students Near Indianapolis?

June 05, 2024
Exterior view of apartment buildings near Indiana University in Bloomington

You're moving to a new phase in life after your acceptance into a doctoral or master’s degree program. You have to locate a place to call home, but what might you look for in graduate housing near Indianapolis? Do you need additional room? Are you looking for better choices than what you can find on campus? See how the ideal community can perfectly suit your lifestyle.

Choose Off-Campus Graduate Housing In Indianapolis Perfect For Your Changing Priorities

Fitness center with aerobic and strength training equipment at apartment complex

Whether to find living arrangements on campus or not is the fundamental question most graduate students must answer. Even though you liked undergrad living, you’re prepared to say farewell to the noisy, cramped dormitories and late-night parties. It’s time to zero in on your coursework and get ready for your future, and the proper off-campus graduate housing in Indianapolis can help you do just that.

Top graduate housing options will offer the following:

  • Quiet time: On-campus housing - graduate or undergraduate - is often noisy. Off-campus options are generally a recommended choice if you value a bit of peace and quiet. Just be sure you find the right spot.
  • Additional space: Following years of habitating confined quarters, it’s understandable if you want to get a little more space. Off-campus housing is typically more spacious.
  • Better amenities: Looking for a pet-friendly community so you are able to spend your postgrad days with a four-legged companion? Do you have interest in having a fitness center or swimming pool on the premises? You’re likelier to discover these types of apartment amenities away from campus.
  • Adult way of life: Your main priority on a Saturday night is no longer finding the best party. To match your lifestyle, you’re better off residing in your own place far from the many interruptions.
  • Less restrictions: You likely remember the rules and restrictions of dorm living. If you want the freedom to live however you want, getting your own apartment just off campus is the right choice.

More Spacious Options Near Campus

The best graduate housing will have amenities like this fitness center at City Flats at Renwick in Bloomington.

Like all forms of real estate, location is vital for graduate housing in Indianapolis. While you can make an argument for on-campus properties, you will likely have a limited number of possibilities. Not to mention, you’ll in all likelihood have to forgo amenities and extra space. As an alternative, you can find more sizable off-campus options that are still close to campus. Chances are you can get to your classes in a couple minutes.

Find Ideal Apartments For Graduate Students In Indianapolis At Block 20

Are you a grad student searching for less disturbances and more ability to live how you want? Block 20 has great apartments for graduate students in Indianapolis. You will love our roomy units and the feel of community that our Residents share. You’ll enjoy the ideal combination - a wonderful spot to live that is just a couple minutes from campus. Arrange a tour today or call 463-777-2762 to chat with a helpful leasing representative.