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Why You Should Look For 24/7 On-site Apartment Maintenance in Indianapolis

August 07, 2020
Patio at North Haven

It’s 11:30 at night, and while you’re cleaning up to go to sleep, you detect a light dripping. Glancing up, you notice a wet circle on the ceiling that’s starting to get bigger . Fear falls upon you as you frantically look for a bucket or bowl to collect the drip.

What’s your next action? Do you have an emergency contact for maintenance? How long will it be before they show up? Will you have to wait until normal business hours? Or were you shrewd enough to rent a place with 24/7 on-site emergency apartment maintenance in Indianapolis?

What Exactly Is An Emergency Maintenance Call?

Master bedroom in Indianapolis apartments.

Luckily, almost all of your apartment maintenance requests will be routine. You may discover that your blocked sink drain demands a little more muscle than a squirt of Mr. Plumber. Or maybe you accidentally put a hole in the wall when you went to hang your new TV. These are annoying disruptions that can wait until the next day instead of needing a rushed house call in the midnight hour.

But, there are some problems that need instant attention. Forget about a leaky pipe and all your stuff in your 1-bedroom apartment could get serious damage. A broken fire detector can keep you -- and your neighbors -- awake all night. Emergency maintenance may also be needed when your heat stops working during sub-arctic weather to a voicemail, which then forwards to an apartment manager, who then contacts an outside contractor,who then comes over to your home to start repairs.

The response time between the differing methods can seem outrageous, especially when you’re thinking about your safety . When your apartment has 24/7 emergency repair, then a technician should be there within the hour or at a minimum give you an ETA. That’s much more professional than worrying for hours wondering if an outside repairman is coming.

A Few Questions You Should Ask On An Apartment Tour

Exterior view of a Indianapolis apartment building.

While you tour your apartment and explore the wonderful apartment amenities in Indianapolis, you should also ask about the maintenance procedures. Especially, ask these 3 questions:
  • Does your apartment complex have on-site maintenance workers or do they contract out?

  • Can you request maintenance by phone or online?

  • What is the off-hours maintenance plan of action ? How long will it take for a real person to respond?

These are answers that you should be comfortable with before it’s 1:00 AM Sunday morning and you’re watching the rising waters coming from your upstairs neighbor’s toilet.

Block 20 Provides 24/7 On-Site Apartment Maintenance

With Block 20, we want you to always enjoy your apartment home. We staff on-site maintenance that can complete most emergency maintenance request 24/7/365. Just call us at 463-777-2762 or click the “book a tour” button today!